有关方向常用的句子:                                  您可以通过划词来调用在线词典
China is in the east of Asia. 中国位于亚洲的东部。【用in,表示某地在某一特定区域内的方位】
Nanjing lies in the south of Jiangsu. 南京在江苏的南部。
She works in the north of China.她在中国的北部工作。
She works in North China. 她在华北工作。
The family resides in Southern France. 这家人住在法国南部。
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 太阳从东边升起,从西边落下。
We are sailing in the direction of east by north. 我们正朝着正东偏北方向航行。
Henan is on the west of Shandong. 河南在山东的西部。【用on,表示某地在某一特定区域外,且两地相互接壤的某一方位】
Guangdong lies on the south of Hunan.广东在湖南南边。
China faces the Pacific on the east. 中国东临太平洋。
Japan is to the east of China. 日本在中国的东面。【用to,表示某地在某一特定区域外,但两地相互不相连的某一方位】
Japan lies (to the) east of China.日本位于中国东方。
Suzhou lies 50 miles to the west of Shanghai.苏州位于上海西面50英里处。
Tiajin is situated l20 km southeast of Beijing. 天津位于北京东南120公里处。
The Ming Tombs are located about 50 km to the northwest of Beijing. 十三陵位于北京西北50公里处。
The island lies south by east from here.那个岛位于此地的正南偏东方向。
We were traveling eastward. 我们向东旅行。
This room faces east. 这间房子向东。
The plane flew west. 飞机向西飞行。
The window opens to the west. 这扇窗户是向西开的。
The train is going north. 列车向北行驶。
The wild geese fly from north to south. 大雁由北向南飞。
These birds migrate northwards in spring and southwards in fall. 这些鸟春天向北迁徙,秋天向南迁徙。
When you face the south, the east is at your left. 面朝南时,左边是东方。
The boat began to move slowly off toward the southeast. 船儿慢慢地向东南方向驶去。
He pointed his boat northwestwards. 他将船驶向西北。
This river flowed southwest to the Atlantic Ocean. 这条河流向西南,汇入大西洋。
Chang Chuan-lying tilted from northeast to southwest. 张家川地势由东北向西南倾斜。

The horse leaped forward. 那匹马突然向前冲。
She moved backwards till she was pressed against the wall. 她向后走,走到碰着墙壁为止。
Downward movement is much faster than upward one. 向下移动比向上移动快得多。
Does that window open inwards or outwards? 那个窗户是向里开,还是向外开?
He stopped and went back to look into the store. 然后他停下来,又折回商店向里望去。
He walked over and looked out. 他走到门口,向外看了看。

The line is slanting to the left. 这根线向左斜了。
Go to the end of the road and turn right. 走到路的尽头,然后向右拐弯。

The plumbline is always perpendicular to the horizontal plane. 铅垂线总是垂直于水平面的。
Move the machine in an upright position. 垂直地移动机器。
The wall is out of the perpendicular. 这墙有些倾斜。
The boat tipped to one side. 船向一边倾斜。

Don't put the hot cup on this table. 别把热水杯放在这个桌子上面。
This wet ground is not firm enough to walk on. 这块湿地不够坚实,不能在上面走。
Heave the box onto the top shelf. 把这个箱子举到最上面一层搁板上。
The seagulls were wheeling in the air above the ship. 海鸥正在船上方盘旋。
My bedroom is just above. 我的寝室在上面。
There is a bridge over the river. 河上面有座桥。
There is Paradise above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. 上有天堂,下有苏杭。
A ship disappeared below the horizon. 船消失在地平线下。
She screamed that there was a snake under the bed. 她大声喊叫床下有蛇。
I like taking a walk under the silver moon. 我喜欢在银色的月光下散步。

My billfold is in the left-hand pocket of my coat. 我的钱包在大衣的左边兜里。
My house is the first one on the left. 我的房子是左边第一家。

The front of the house had been sprayed with white paint. 房子的正面已喷上了白漆。
Most coats, jackets or blouses button at the front. 大多数上衣、夹克或衬衫都在前面扣扣。
The computer is in the front of the classroom. 电脑在教室的前面。 【In the front of...在...(内部)前面】
In the front of the picture is the figure of a man. 在这张照片的最前面是一位男士。
The computer is in front of me. 电脑在我前面。 【In front of...在...(外部)前面】
In front of his house are two upstanding trees. 他房子前长着两棵挺拔的树。
He is before me 他在我的前面
The sofa is at the back of the classroom. 沙发在教室的后面。 【at the back of...在...(内部)后面】
He likes sitting at the back of the bus. 他喜欢坐大巴的车尾。
I am at back of the computer. 我在电脑的后面。 【at back of...在...(外部)后面】
He planted all the trees at back of the house. 他把树全种在屋子后面。
He is afer me. 他在我的后面。
There is a garden alive with bees behind the house. 房子的后面有一个蜜蜂纷飞的花园。

Two minutes later we were inside the taxi. 两分钟以后我们已经坐在出租车里面了。
There is nobody inside. 里面没有人。
A knot of people stood talking outside the door. 一群人站在门外聊天。
It's so cold outside that my fingers feel dead. 外面很冷,我的手指都冻僵了。
A watermelon is red inside and green outside. 西瓜内红外绿。

There's a nine-storey apartment building next to the bank. 银行旁边有一座九层高的宿舍大楼。
The two shops are next to each other. 那两家铺子紧挨着。
The bus station is on the left, next to the post office. 公共汽车站在左边,邮局旁边。
Come and sit next to me on the settee. 过来挨着我坐在沙发上。

There are dangerous rocks and shallows near the island. 岛的附近有险礁和浅滩。
We're going to build a new school nearby the station. 在车站附近我们打算修建一所学校。
The fire spread from the factory to the houses nearby. 大火从工厂延烧到附近的房子。
Tell the children not to play around the building. 告诉这些孩子别在那栋建筑物周围玩耍。
He visited all the people round. 他访问了周围所有的人。
He lives somewhere in the neighborhood of the station. 他住在火车站附近的某个地方。
Is there a Laundromat in the neighborhood? 附近有自助洗衣房吗?
Fish are abundant about the reefs. 暗礁附近鱼很多。
He lives somewhere about here. 他住在附近。
The nursery is somewhere hereabout. 托儿所就在这儿附近。
He has visited every shop within a radius of two miles. 周围两英里以内的店铺他都去过。